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Hip Hop Dance Classes in you School
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Stylish man and woman dancing hip-hop in casual sports youth clothes on gradient purple pi

School Phys-Ed Dance Program

“Dance directly engages our feelings”

Dance and movement influence us on a fundamental level:  It’s electric and sometimes involuntary.  When one hears the music, their body naturally want’s to move.   This is much more pronounced in kids and teenagers.   Kids, with their low fear and bias threshold, experience dance at a deep level which translates into great fun.

Teenagers on the other hand, experience social bias and self awareness much more acutely.  For this reason, self confidence, whit, experience and passion of the instructor makes a tremendous difference to the engagement and the quality of the dance program.

Dance combined with the fun, energetic and motivating dance instructor/choreographer is something truly special. Great instructors, choreographers teach from the heart, they truly love what they do and they do it with passion.  This translates into an authentic and motivating dance experience that is extremely rewarding.

Dance Kraze has been instructing kids and teenagers to dance for over twenty years.  We love what we do and are passionate about dance. Our classes are high energy, fast paced, motivating and extremely fun.

Come and experience the ‘Dance Kraze’ difference

School Phys-Ed Dance Unit

The School Phys-Ed program provides a week long unit of dance that is packed with high energy dance classes and team building choreographies. The program encourages fun and team building through dance, while providing excellent workout and most of all fun for all involved.

Dance Kraze Productions offer Mobile Dance Classes in vast range of fun and exciting styles: Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern, and Contemporary. As the title suggests, “Mobile Dance Classes”, Dance Kraze will cater to your dancing requirements and to your location. We will travel to your venue and offer a customized dance program that is balanced, fun, energizing and fulfilling for the participating students.

We can offer a full structured workshop or a single dance class. Dance Kraze specializes in School Phys-Ed and/or after school dance programs. We currently provide unique and exciting school dance programs to a number of schools in the GTA.


Dance Kraze Program

Dance Kraze will come to your school as part of your Dance Unit or after-school extra-curricular activity and instruct a fun and creative week of dance.

  • We begin by energizing your students with our amazing warm-up, full of cardio, stretch and strengthening exercises, sit-ups, pushups, a full body workout.

  • Then we instruct a fun dance combination. Each day we add on to the combination creating awesome fun-filled dance choreography.

  • Half way through the week we put students into groups. Each group is then encouraged to create their own intro to the choreography that they already learned.

  • To promote creativity and team spirit we encourage students to create a group costume, using their own clothes, to complement their own intro to the dance choreography. This way each group performs the same combination in their own unique style.

  • At the end of the week, students perform their own dance intros and the newly learned choreography where they get to show off their new found skills.

Our week long dance workshop is fun, a great learning environment that breads exercise and creativity. It builds student co-ordination and extends their dance skills. More importantly, this program offers an introduction to dance with many students that have never had the opportunity to try, thus building their confidence in doing so.

We cater to you and your school needs! We can create a unique program for you and your students and guarantee that students will be positively challenged while getting a great workout.

Schools that loved our program

Over the years, Dance Kraze has worked with many Public and Private schools in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario and abroad.  We have had the pleasure of working with great faculty and staff with a common goal to promote and encourage dance and movement in today’s young generations.

Dance Kraze Mobile Dance Classes: School Phys-Ed Units are currently being held at the following schools in the Greater Toronto Area, with great success:


St. Marcellinus Secondary School

Bridgett Strano, Science/Phys-Ed
Mobile Dance Classes: School Phys-Ed Week Unit Girls P.H.E
Short warm-up 15min. Fun, hip hop class for 45min

“Katarina is very energetic and relates well to the students. She makes dance “fun” and the students look forward to the dance unit every year.”  Bridgett Strano, Science/Phys-Ed


St. Mildred’s – Lightbourn School

Judy Ross, Director of Global Studies
Mobile Dance Classes: School Phys-Ed Week Unit
Short warm-up 15min. Fun, hip hop class for 45min

“Girls at St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School have greatly enjoyed the high beat and the energy of hip hop workshops with Dance Kraze Productions for the several years. As well as receiving instructions in basic hip hop steps and moves, the girls have been given the opportunity to create a short routine of their own. The overwhelming feedback has always been, can we have another class or why this class was so short? Without a doubt Dance Kraze Productions have enriched the experiential program at SMLS and we look forward to continuing our working partnership in the future.” Judy Ross, Director of Global Studies


Let Dance Kraze enrich your school program!

Dance Kraze unique dance classes will enrich your school curriculum and will provide you with a competitive edge in the market.  For more information on Mobile Dance Studio Classes or to arrange or book a School Phys-Ed  program, please don’t hesitate to contact Katarina Rajkovic-Corbic.


Download PDF Brochure: Dance Kraze School Phy-Ed Dance Program

Stylish man and woman dancing hip-hop in casual sports youth clothes on gradient purple pi
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