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Katarina Rajkovic-Corbic

Katarina Rajkovic-Corbic

Dance is a tangible art that has feasible attributes. Something so extraordinary and so powerful needs to be nurtured, developed and preserved to keep its valuable essence alive. The process involves constant commitment, hard work and patience. These are the strides, I believe, to an unbelievable success!

Dance is a tangible art.

The Dance Kraze Productions’ goal is to produce quality works including productions, choreography, workshops, and open dance classes to elevate the dance standard in Toronto. Dance Kraze Productions would like to help foster dance and help expose this performing art and its talented artists to the elite, and to the masses. Let’s bring back that vibe, that feeling, that hunger which feeds our love and passion for dance.

Dance Kraze mission is to foster dance.



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Katarina is the Founder and Director of Dance Kraze Productions and Dance Kraze Mobile Dance Classes.  Katarina was also a founder of the popular triple-thread performance company The HoneyKats, that performed professionally until 2010.

Katarina graduated from York University with an honours degree in Fine Arts, Dance.  Katarina has formal training in competitive figure skating and classical piano (Royal Conservatory of Canada, Grade 8).  Since then Katarina has Directed and Produced Dance and Vocal Productions at George Brown College and has instructed hip hop, contemporary and jazz workshops all over North America, Mexico and in Serbia. Her other talents include adjudication, direction, television appearances and above all choreography.

Katarina’s performance and choreography credits include, City TV, Corus Entertainment, Iovate, TSN Special Olympics, Rogers Television, Style by Jury, Matchmaker, Circus Orange and The Comedy Network.

Katarina has instructed professional dance classes in Hip hop and Jazz at various Toronto professional dance studios such as George Brown College, National Dance of Canada (formerly George Randolph’s),  MBS , City Dance Corps and  Dance Teq at the Walter Carson Center.

Her performance and choreography credits include, City TV, Corus Entertainment, Iovate, TSN Special Olympics, Rogers Television, Style by Jury, Matchmaker, Circus Orange and The Comedy Network.

Katarina possesses a bold and spontaneous dance personality. Where does her energy come from? Katarina answers, “BAM, it comes from the inside, I dance from my soul. I express myself through movement; dance is my passion. I hope I can affect you with my desire and love of dance.”


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