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Hip Hop Open Dance Classes, Mississauga, Ontario!

Dance Kraze is proud to offer professional quality open, drop in hip hop dance classes that cater to  beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. All open classes are taught by Katarina Rajkovic-Corbic, who has been choreographing, instructing and motivating dancers for over twenty years.  Katarina has a unique and natural ability to instruct dance and motivate her students to achieve their very best.  Coupled with her high energy and disarming humor,  Katarina’s classes are extremely fun and rewarding.

“Sometimes you just need to dance it all out.”

Come and feel the Dance Kraze difference.  We will motivate you, make you smile and make you sweat: it will be the most fun dance workouts you will ever have.


Beginner/Intermediate Hip Hop Dance Class

This Hip Hop dance class caters to beginners and those looking to come back and refine their dance moves. You will get exposed to the original dance style that will build your dance repertoire with confidence. As well as build your cardio, flexibility, strength and coordination. Get ready to have a great workout as well as shake your groove thing!

Hip Hop Dance Class Breakdown

15min: Cardio Warm up
Exciting and fun cardio warm up that will get you into the grove, along with stretching, sit-ups and some pushups. The warm up will get your whole body toned and ready for most exciting hip hop dance combinations to come.

45min: Hip Hop Dance Combinations
Every week brings a new an exciting hip hip combination. The pace is energetic and the class is pumped. The emphasis is on having fun and feeling good while dancing hard and getting a great workout. Whether first timer or weekly regular, each hip hop dance class will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment!



Dance Kraze Open Hip Hop Classes


Dance Kraze open, drop in hip hop classes will be held weekly in Mississauga, Ontario. Exact location to be determined soon.

For more information, please contact Katarina at 416 885 2715 or email at



Class start times are to be announced.








Hip Hop Dance Classes Testimonials

“I love the hip hop classes they make me feel so good about my self and the routines and music are amazing i want to thank all the staff for their hard work and to keep it up dance kraze had truly made me look at dance in a whole new way. I will definitely be returning to the classes. I have never sweated that much in my life lol. Take care until next time” Neisha!

“Last night was my first hip hop dance class EVER and it was amazing!!! My entire body is sore and walking down the stairs this morning made me want to cry, but it was so worth it. See ya next week!”  Alexandra

“Hi Katarina, these hip hop dance classes rock! High energy and routines that are super fun to learn, it’s an excellent workout!! The hip hop instructors always have a positive and enthusiastic attitude, always patient and ready to help out with the new dance moves. Even though the pushup segment is killer, I like the sit up portion, it always hurts to laugh the next day! It’s a great way to stay in shape so I’m glad I found these classes! ” Cheryl

“Hi Katarina, just wanted to say I am really enjoying the hip hop dance classes. The warm-up is amazing and the hip hop dance moves are always changing and always fun. It took me awhile to find out about these classes, but it was worth the wait! Great job and keep it up!”  Joanne